Crime Prevention

NCPCWhat is Crime Prevention?-Crime Prevention is the Anticipation, Recognition and Appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it. 

The Burlington Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit offers a number of Crime Prevention programs that help promote and improve safety for community groups and individuals. Officers provide educational resources and programs to assist those interested in learning more about crime prevention. Our goal is to provide the educational opportunities for citizens to remove or reduce crime risk.

Our professionally trained Crime Prevention Specialist can assist our citizens with home or business security surveys. The specialists provide the latest crime prevention through environmental design tips and strategies in how to protect your home or business.

 For Crime Prevention presentations, surveys or material contact Greg Turner , 336-513-5449.

Individual Programs

Personal Safety

Safety for Senior Citizens

Preventing Fraud

Preventing Car Jacking

Identity Theft

Gun Safety and Provide Gun Locks


Home Security

Community Programs

National Night Out

Community Watch Programs

Business Programs
Violence in the Workplace

Robbery Prevention and Response

Business Security Surveys

Shoplifting / Loss Prevention

Dealing with Potentially Violent Persons

Child/Youth Programs

Talk/Tours of the Police Department

Firearms Safety

Child Safety

McGruff- The Crime Dog