Taxis/Rotation Wreckers

Rotation Wrecker Services
Each of the rotation wrecker services utilized by the Burlington Police Department is under contract with the City of Burlington Purchasing Department.  The Traffic Unit Staff Sergeant is responsible for overseeing the rotation wrecker service, which includes inspection of the individual wrecker services and investigation of the citizen complaints against the individual wrecker services.
The rotation wrecker program is administered by the Burlington Police Department Traffic Unit Supervisor, Sgt. Sam Epps. For more information on how to be added to the rotation wrecker list, contact Sgt. Sam Epps at 336-570-6509 or via email.

Taxi Permits
The City of Burlington Municipal Code, Section 35 allows for the operation of taxi cabs or vehicles for hire within the city limits, provided that such services meet statutory and ordinance requirements. The Burlington Police Department’s Traffic Unit Supervisor, Sgt. Sam is responsible for the oversight of the taxi permit process, inspection of taxi vehicles and ordinance compliance.
To apply for a taxi operator permit, contact Sgt. Sam Epps (570-6509).