Special Response Team (SRT)

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The Burlington Special Response Team (SRT) was formed in 2002. The purpose of the Special Response Team is to enhance the overall effectiveness of police services. The Special Response Team is to respond to unusual operational occurrences and activities. These activities include: hostage situations; barricaded subjects; high-risk search warrants; fugitive apprehension; crowd control; dignitary protection and other related tactical circumstances.

The Special Response Team consists of Tactical Operators, Snipers and Negotiators who have received specialized training as it pertains to their assignment on the team.
The team has grown over the years to become a multi-agency team with members from the Elon Police Department, Elon Campus Police Department and the Graham Police Department. The Special Response Team also trains with the Alamance County Sheriff’s Department and the Mebane Police Departments Response Teams on a monthly basis.

Members of the Special Response Team attend extensive training. A few of the courses are basic SWAT school, active shooter, chemical munitions, distraction devices, high risk apprehension and other tactical training.
The Special Response Team assists the Burlington Police Department and other Alamance County law enforcement agencies with high risk search and arrest warrants, apprehension of known serious offenders, violent felons and search and rescue operations. The team has also participated in operations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) on federal investigations.
By partnering with other local law enforcement agencies the team has been able to expand its manpower and territorial jurisdiction. Through these partnerships, the Special Response Team is well equipped, well trained and capable of responding to a variety of situations within Burlington and Alamance County.


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SRT Vehicle