Parking and Traffic

Parking Enforcement
The Central Business District (Downtown) is patrolled Monday-Friday by civilian parking enforcement officers to ensure fair and equitable parking opportunities for downtown patrons, employees and visitors. The Parking Enforcement Unit is supervised by Lenora Taylor, 336-229-3153. For more information regarding Downtown Parking rules and regulations, see their page.

School Crossing Guards
The Burlington Police Department employs part-time individuals to staff our School Crossing Guard program.  The program currently has 20 crossings at 5 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 1 private school.  Two crossing guards are posted to most schools.  However, at larger intersections and higher traffic locations such as Turrentine Middle School, there are 3 guards. Broadview Middle and Blessed Sacrament Catholic have only one guard each.

Parking Enforcement Supervisor Lenora Taylor also supervises the School Crossing Guards. 

Traffic Enforcement
The Traffic Team focuses on citywide traffic enforcement via speed measurement instruments, paying particular attention to accident-causing violations and other traffic conditions. Enforcement activities focus on high accident areas, citizen complaints, motorist assistance, funeral escorts, parades and any other condition that affects traffic safety. Learn more about the traffic enforcement here.