Report a Crime

call 9-1- 1 in an emergency!

There are multiple ways to report criminal activity to the department:
  • If it is an emergency, call 911!
  • The Burlington Connected Program is available to anonymously report suspicious activity as well as any other issues that may occur in your neighborhood. Call (336) 222-5024 during regular business for more information or to file a complaint.
  • The Crimestoppers, Gunstoppers, and Campus Crimestoppers programs allow you to anonymously report information regarding crimes that have occurred. Monetary awards are available for information that leads to an arrest. You can also view our new reporting website, Facebook, and Twitter to make reports. These can also be anonymous and eligible for a cash reward.
  • Non-emergency calls may be placed to (336) 229-3500 at any time, day or night.

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(336) 229-7100


(336) 229-3500
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