Maple Avenue Corridor Plan

The City of Burlington is requesting proposals for a corridor plan for the Maple Avenue corridor.  The corridor is the main thoroughfare from Interstates 40/85 into downtown Burlington and is over two miles in length, transecting a variety of land uses, including commercial, single-family and multi-family residential, and the central business district.  Please click this link to review the RFP.

Responses to Requests for Clarification

(Q) Page 1 of the RFP states that “we are requesting two separate bids.” Please describe how you would like to receive the two separate bids. Should the approach identify the differences in options, or do you want two separate sealed packages-one original and 7 copies for Option A and another original and 7 copies for Option B?                                                                                                    

(A) We would like two bids so the City Council will be able to choose between the longer and shorter versions of Maple. They can both be included in the same package, as the differences are relatively slight.


(Q) Page 5 requests a cost proposal. Does the Mini-Brooks Act apply due to the required engineering services? Do we need to submit a cost proposal?                                                                                

(A) No, the Mini-Brooks Act does not apply at this time, since this is primarily a planning project rather than an engineering one, as well as it being a request for proposals, and not a request for qualifications.  A cost proposal is necessary with this project


(Q) In section F, number 5 – References, a total of three references are requested. It also indicates that sub-consultant references may be permitted. Would you like three for the subs as well (for a total of 6)?        

(A) It is preferred to receive three references for subcontractors as well.