Renew Maple Avenue Corridor Plan

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The City of Burlington has contracted with the Toole Design Group to create a plan to revitalize Maple Avenue from Anthony Road to South Church Street. The Toole Design Group, City Staff, a Steering Committee of community stakeholders, and the public will work together develop a strategy for beautification, infrastructure improvement and driving economic growth in the Maple Avenue Corridor. The planning process kicks off in August of 2017 with an anticipated six-month project timeline. 

Steering Committee Members

Gary Aheron
Teresa Mansfield
Alan Bice
B.J. Patel
Clay Baldwin
Judy Cook
Scott Queen
Rett Davis
Chris Reavis
Pedro Careno
Grace VandeVisser
Andrea Fleming
Kirk Webster
Kathleen Evans
Jessica Paison
Bob Louis
Sam Hunt
Pastor Don Pegg
Chuck Edwards
Tommy Adams
Glen Patterson
John Gilliam
David Sui

Presentations and Documents