Technical Review Committee

The City of Burlington's Technical Review Committee (TRC) has been established in order to streamline review and provide better comments to the development community.

The TRC process is a bi-weekly review of projects that include a plan submission deadline.  Refer to the TRC Regular Meeting Schedule found at the bottom of this page that also includes the submission deadline dates.  All applications, fees and copies of plans for TRC review must be submitted by 3:00 pm on the submittal deadline day. 
Prior to a formal TRC submittal, contact City staff to arrange for an appointment for a sketch plan review meeting involving all interested parties.  Sketch plan review meetings are required for most projects requiring TRC review.
When plans are submitted to the TRC, an application and an application fee must be submitted.  Refer to the application below.  The application fee is $75.00 for projects less than an acre, $150.00 for projects between 1 acre and 4.9 acres in size and $225.00 for projects 5 acres or greater.  The fee will provide for a 1st and 2nd review of the project by the TRC.  Any subsequent submission of the same project for review will result in an additional $50.00 charge for each review. 
Andrew Shore will be responsible for handling questions and accepting submitted plans.  Please make sure any documents that need to be reviewed by the TRC are submitted.  Please provide 4 paper copies and 1 electronic copy of any plans that are submitted for review.  Please refer to the Plan Submission Standards found at the top of this page that serve as a guide to determine what relevant information must be provided on plans submitted to the TRC.  You can contact Andrew Shore at 336-222-5103 with any questions.  His office can be found in the Planning Department on the first floor of the Municipal Building (425 S. Lexington Avenue).