- Preserving the sanctity of all life
    - Nurture and protect democracy
    - Ensure procedural justice and fundamental fairness
    - Spirit of service
    - Protect the community from harm
    - Treat all individuals with dignity and respect - the ethical foundation of policing
    "The Burlington Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life, 
    in partnership with our community, through fair and professional police services."

    (These note(s) are directly quoted from the letters we receive with edits only made for clarity)
"We at Walter Williams High School wanted to extend a sincere thank you to you for your patient, caring effort during the vent at our school on November 21, 2019. Your support has been greatly appreciated by our students, staff and parents.

"Sincerely, Walter Williams High School"
"Dear officers,
"Thank you each one for your quick response on Thursday 11/7/2019. Thank you for the CPR device used to try and revive our mom. Thank you for your words of kindness and care expressed as well. The Bible tells us that 'our lives are but a vapor only seen but briefly'. We know that each of mom's children that are still living will see Mrs. S again. We would count [it] a real privilege to introduce each of you a coming day in Heaven. Jesus says, 'Ye must be born again' John 3:7, also verses 3-5. Our prayer is that each one we have met would want the new birth - born from above. There will be some who won't choose to be born again. Choose now while you still can! Rom. 10:9
"On behalf of the S- family, M."
Ms. N called in to thank Ofc. Poudrier for his help with an intoxicated subject. She let him know she appreciated the compassion and professionalism he showed while on this call.
Mr. A called in reference to the officers who responded out to serve commitment papers on his son. He stated that his son is a veteran who was having some problems, and he wanted to thank Officers Sartwell, C. Moore, Lyons, Burkett, and Delgado for their professionalism and compassion while dealing with this matter. He was very appreciative.
Ms. R came to the police department to lift up department and the officer that assisted her with her lost purse. Ms. R said she panicked when she could not find her purse after going to pay some bills and called the PD. Ms. R said the officer who responded went beyond what was required of them, searching her vehicle, the house, and even contacting the credit card company for her. Ms. R wanted everyone to know what a good job Officer Arcos did.
Dr. M wished to pass along his thanks to officers that created an environment that allowed him to save a life. He stated if it had not been for the actions of the officers, the patient would have likely not survived. Officers Gardner and Phillips responded to the original for service. Gardner assisted in EMS transport and rode to the hospital with the patient. Upon arrival at the hospital, Officers Phillips and Darden worked together to create a safe working environment that allowed for the patient to live to see another day.
"To all police in Burlington:
"Thank you for saving my niece's life March 14 of this year. I don't know who the officers were that found her passed on the street. I especially thank you for bringing her back to life. I think she would have died if they had not found her. She has done her time in jail, has a good job 6 days a week. Thank God for all of you. She is off drugs and off the streets. I thank every policeman and woman for what they are doing to get drugs out of Burlington and I got down on my knees and asked God to help or send her to jail. I think he answered bu sending her to jail. All of you stay safe and keep up the good work.
"Thank you
"I prayed for him to help two days before she got arrested."
"Chief, I have to say that the Burlington Police Department is one of the best in Alamance County! I and my children have always had positive encounters when we have visited the police department. My children are given colouring books, badges, and even a tour of both the police department, including one of the police cars. I wish I knew the names of all of the officers and I would say, 'thank you' to them all. I have been on the wrong side of the law in the past and even had some mental problems which included thoughts of suicide, however, the police officers have always made me fell like family and keeping me from hurting myself." - Christopher
Officer S. Gardner received some feedback from a resident:

 "He was extremely helpful, professional, and respectful. It was wonderful to be treated with such respect... It is rare to receive service that exceeds expectations, but PO Gardner did that today."
Ms. M complemented Officer George who visited her home after she called the BPD in reference to a strange car parked in front of her home. Ms. M's home was broken into so she was frightened. According to Ms. M, Officer George was absolutely fabulous! She was professional, kind and understanding. She stated that Officer George had spunk.
"Just a 'little' note to let you know how much I really appreciate the coin y'all sent me - I will always cherish it as I cherish the memories of your wonderful, unselfish people. You are always welcome to visit here. Chris, like Dorothy said to the Scarecrow, 'I will miss you most of all'. You all were so wonderful and are really an asset to the community. I will always remember you." - K
A local community watch group dropped off a note:

"This is just a note of thanks to you and your officers for the quick and great job done in the cleaning up of that drug enterprise at 238 Rolling Road."
Mr. G contacted administration to say how grateful he was to retired Captain Smith and Officer Gardner for their assistance in a personal family situation. He stated that he contacted Capt. Smith, and Officer Gardner was the responding officer. who assisted him with his issue. He was very grateful for their assistance and concern.