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267 W. Front Street, Burlington, NC 27215 
P: (336) 229-3540 
F: (336) 229-3146 

"The Burlington Police Department is committed to improving the quality of life, in partnership with our community, through fair and professional police services." 

Police Administration is comprised of a Chief of Police and two Assistant Chiefs. The Chief of Police is the Chief Executive Officer for the agency. The Assistant Chief of Operations commands the Operations Bureau, including all uniformed services. The Assistant Chief of Support commands the Support Bureau, which includes Professional Standards and Internal Affairs. There are other support members within Administration, the Administrative Assistant performs support and logistic functions to the Chief of Police and other Administrative staff; a Captain in the Professional Standards oversees the budget process. Please feel free to use the e-mail addresses below to contact any member of administration. 

Administrative Staff Name  Phone 
Chief of Police Jeffrey Smythe
(336) 229-3540
Assistant Chief / Support Bureau Police / Media Relations Chris Verdeck (336) 229-3542 
Assistant Chief / Operations Bureau Eric Kerns (336) 229-3543
Captain / Professional Standards Mark Rascoe (336) 229-3544
Policy & Personnel Specialist / Accreditation Manger Kim Biebel  (336) 229-3545
Administrative Assistant Iris Caballero (336) 229-3540

The Police Administrations’ staff are members in several professional organizations that range in scope and purpose. Their memberships in professional law enforcement organizations enable them to acquire specific training in management practices that are important in a modern law enforcement agency. Several organizations are listed below – please feel free to click on them to follow the link to each organization.

Organizational Chart

The Burlington Police Department’s Organizational Chart is an illustrative tool that will provide you with information on the organization’s chain of command and organizational structure.

The Burlington Police Department’s Administrative Staff continually monitors North Carolina legislative actions that pertain to new laws, legislative activity regarding law enforcement matters, and other information from the North Carolina General Assembly. The North Carolina General Assembly has a very inclusive and informative website that provides information for law enforcement and the public, including the General Statures (North Carolina Laws) in an easily accessible format. Please feel free to follow the link to the North Carolina Assembly website for further information.