Stormwater Management


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The City of Burlington is a federally designated NPDES Phase II community and is currently managing a Stormwater Management Program. The City received its Individual Stormwater Permit July 1, 2005 from the NCDENR-DWQ.

The stormwater program operates as a division of the Water Resources Department. Water Resources continues to coordinate management activities of multiple departments using both City resources and contract services. Existing City departments most involved include Engineering, Planning and Inspections, Water & Sewer, and Public Works. The Street Division maintains responsibility for drainage and infrastructure located within the City’s transportation right-of-ways.

This site is under continuous development and interested persons should monitor occasionally for updates. To find out more about stormwater, please visit the Public Education Section. Persons needing additional information may contact Amy Cameron or Carolyn Buckner in the Stormwater Division of the Water Resources Department at (336) 222-5091.

To report stormwater or stream related issues, please use the Burlington Connected program by filling out an online request form or calling 222-5024.