The Paramount Acting Company, the City of Burlington’s summer community theatre, announces auditions for their production of the Mel Brooks musical comedy, The Producers. They will be held Sunday and Monday, March 26 and 27 at The Paramount Theater, 128 E. Front St. in Burlington.



Call backs will be at 7:00PM on Tuesday, March 28. Video auditions are permissible, by prior arrangement with the Director. However, candidates need to be at call backs.  Candidates with extraordinary scheduling conflicts can be seen in special auditions, with advance notice.

Candidates will be asked to sing a Broadway-style song of no more than ninety seconds in length and to participate in group movement exercise.  (Readings from the script will be part of call backs.) Please bring sheet music. Accompanist provided. Singing to recorded music or a cappella is discouraged, but will be allowed. Candidates may be asked to vocalize or run scales at the discretion of the Music Director. There is a great deal of tap dancing in this show. Proficient dancers will be needed.


SEEKING: Extremely talented male and female musical theater actors, singers and dancers, capable of portraying the following characters and age ranges--

--MAX BIALYSTOCK: 40s to mid-50s; baritone; C to F1; requires strong physical comedic skills and a versatile voice that can go from patter singing to full “belt” easily; basis dance skills necessary; genuine Bronx accent helpful; unscrupulous Broadway producer, seeking to get rich with a loser Broadway show

--LEO BLOOM: late 20s to early 30s; baritone; C to F1; pleasant voice with a nice, clean tone; strong physical comedic skills; basic tap skills and a slight Southern accent helpful; mild-mannered, neurotic accountant who dreams of finding success (and love) as a Broadway producer

--FRANZ LIEBKIND—40s; baritone; C to G1; slight roughness of tone; actor with strong, sometimes menacing, stage presence; Nazi, living in Greenwich Village, who has written “Springtime for Hitler,” a musical about his hero, Adolph Hitler;  Note: convincing German accent is absolutely required.

--ROGER DeBRIS—mid-40s; baritone; C to G1; must have one of the best, strongest voices in the cast; outrageously comedic skills required; strong dance skills needed; comic British accent a plus; flamboyantly gay theatre director with unusually bad taste in material, who Max and Leo hope will scuttle the already-terrible show

--CARMEN GHIA—20s to mid-30s; tenor; E to A1, with falsetto required; strong comedic skills with some dance; must be able to move with grace and elegance; Roger’s equally flamboyant “common law assistant”; a plum role

--ULLA INGE HANSEN BENSON YONSEN TALLEN-HALLEN—20s to early-30s; Mezzo-Soprano; G to E2; gorgeous lyric voice capable to breaking into strong “belt”; MUST BE STRONG TAP DANCER; voluptuous blond who shows up for audition and ends up as Max’s secretary; she is cast in “Springtime…” as a showgirl and Eva Braun; Note: sustained Swedish accent is absolutely required

--MINIMUM OF SIX FEATURED MEN—good voices and dance/movement skills; will play a variety of “juicy” cameo parts and some strong leads in bigger chorus numbers; roles will include The Accountants, cops, “first-nighters”, Judge, Roger’s production team, and the all-important First Nazi (Stormtrooper) in “Springtime…”

--MINIMUM OF SIX FEATURED WOMEN—good voices and excellent dance/movement skills; again, very juicy cameo roles and some strong leads in bigger chorus numbers; roles will include Usherettes, “Hold Me-Touch Me-Lick Me” etc.; chorus girls; dancing Nazis in “Springtime…”

--CHORUS—good voices and excellent dance/movement skills for a variety of roles

NOTE: Ages are those actors need to be capable of playing. Remember, lots can be done with makeup and costuming.

NOTE: Due to the strong sexual content, candidates must be at least eighteen years old, unless parents or guardians sign a release.  No one younger than sixteen, please.

NOTE: This show is set in 1959, when sexual/ethnic stereotypes, male and female, were common. In addition, be aware that we will change only one word in the script, replacing it with its Yiddish equivalent. Otherwise, we will “play it as it lays” and hope that all involved realize this: IT’S MEL BROOKS! OY!

Pre-rehearsal choreography is scheduled for April 1, 21 and 29 from 10A-2P at a location to be announced. Rehearsals begin Monday, May 1 at 7PM in the Great Hall of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter, corner of E. Davis and Broad Streets in Burlington. Unless otherwise notified, all rehearsals at 7PM.

NO CONFLICTS PERMITTED June 21 thru July 2. Candidates must agree to and sign Casting Policy section of audition form.

Show dates are June 27 (Press Preview Night) thru July 2.

The Producers will be directed by David Anthony Wright, with Music Direction by Mike Lasley, Choreography by Alicia Curtis and Costumes by Heather Newberry Leonard.

For more information, call the Director at 336.222.5001 or email at