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December 15, 2003


Council Chamber, Burlington Municipal Building



CITY MEMBERS:                                                  EXTRATERRITORIAL MEMBERS:


Don Starling, Chairman, Present                         Bud Apple, Present

George Byrd, Secretary, Present                          John Enoch, Present

Jim Burwell, Absent                                             Celo Faucette, Present

Paul Cobb, Present                                               Gale Fletcher, Present

Rev. Greg Hargrave, Present                                Richard Franks, Absent

Gordon Millspaugh, Present                                Ellis Piper, Present




Robert R. Harkrader, Planning Director

Dianne Fogleman, Office Assistant



       ITEM NO. 1: Mr. Don Starling, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


       ITEM NO. 2: Minutes of the meeting held November 24, 2003, were unanimously approved.


       ITEM NO. 3: Mr. Ernie Koury presented an application to rezone from I-1, Planned Industrial District, to I-2, Light Industrial District, the property located at the southwestern quadrant of Tucker Street and Interstates 85/40 and being as shown on Alamance County Tax Map 12-5, Lot 2.


       This was a City item.


       Staff recommended approval of the request for rezoning.  Planning Director Harkrader stated that the small tract of property is bounded by Interstates 85/40 and Hahn Road and setbacks in I-2 zoning are not as severe as those in I-1 zoning.


       Commission Member Cobb made a motion to recommend approval of the rezoning.  Gordon Millspaugh seconded the motion.  The Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the request for rezoning.


       The Commission found that the zoning change as requested would not adversely affect the adjoining property and would be in keeping with land use planning in the area.








       Commission Member Fletcher stated that the Commission continues to be manipulated by Mr. Carl Buckland and referred to the letter from Mr. Buckland to staff asking that the December Planning and Zoning Commission meeting not be cancelled because he had an item for the December agenda. However, the agenda item was not presented to staff.  Mr. Fletcher made a motion to schedule the Commission's December meeting the third Monday so there will be no confusion about whether or not to have a December meeting.


       Planning Director Harkrader stated that it has been the policy to not have a December meeting if no items are submitted for the agenda.  Also in the past, the fourth Monday sometimes falls during Christmas week and often there is not a quorum of Commission members to conduct the meeting.  Therefore, staff asks that an alternative December meeting date be considered.


       Commission Chairman Starling pointed out that if the Commission changes its December meetings to the third Monday, it could possibly conflict with City Council's agenda work sessions.


       Commission Member Cobb suggested that the Commission decide in November on whether or not to have a December meeting.  Commission Member Enoch stated that if agenda items are presented for a December meeting, it is the responsibility of the Commission to consider the items.  In addition, voting on whether or not to have a December meeting in October has worked in the past and used the phase "If it's not broken, don't fix it."


       Commission Member Apple seconded Mr. Fletcher's motion to hold the Commission's December meeting the third Mondays of the month.  Voting in favor of the motion were Fletcher, Apple, Byrd, Hargrave, Enoch and Piper. Voting against the motion were Starling, Cobb, Faucette and Millspaugh.



       There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:09 p.m.







                                                                      George A. Byrd, Jr., Acting Chairman