Post-Construction - TRC Submittal

Stormwater Management System Concept Plan Technical Review Committee (TRC)

The Planning, Preliminary Design, and Technical Review phase is outlined on Stormwater Flow Chart page 1 of 3 titled “Stormwater Management System Concept Plan Technical Review Committee (TRC) Submittal.”   At this stage, drawings relating to stormwater facilities will most likely be shown in plan view, but should be of sufficient detail that reviewers may determine with reasonable confidence that the Stormwater Management System Concept Plan will meet the intent of the Stormwater Ordinance.   The Stormwater System Concept Plan shall be submitted to the Technical Review Committee (TRC), and shall be reviewed by TRC based on the schedule published on the Planning Department’s website.   Applications, application fee information and a TRC submittal and meeting schedule may be found at the Technical Review Committee website: or by selecting the following links:


The design consultant must also submit a completed  "Environmental Review Certification" form as a supplement to the TRC application.  The Environmental Review Certification form is located in this Administrative manual following the Stormwater Flow Charts or at the following link.  A completed Operation and Maintenance Agreement and a draft copy of the Operation and Maintenance Manual shall also be submitted at this time.   Annual BMP inspection and maintenance forms specific to the City of Burlington are available at the following link.


The Stormwater Management System Concept Plan is only a portion of the TRC submittal.  The Technical Review Committee must approve the proposed plan with respect to City ordinances and policies relating to all components of the development plan (e.g., zoning, subdivision, utility, landscape, etc) in addition to the Stormwater Management System Concept Plan before the developer may submit an application for the Stormwater Permit.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the City’s stormwater manager at 336-222-5091.