Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I pay my parking ticket?
  2. How do I file a complaint?
  3. How do I obtain a funeral escort in the City of Burlington?
  4. Where can I get my child's safety seat checked?
  5. How do I hire extra duty officers for a special event?
  6. How do I obtain information on an on-going investigation from a detective?
  7. How do I obtain a Domestic Violence Protective Order?
  8. How do I contact the Magistrates Office?
  9. How can I particpate in the Safe Exchange Program?
  10. How do I register for emergency alerts?
  11. How do I request a Police Department talk or tour?
  12. Can I cut on water service after normal business hours?
  13. How can I receive a copy of a citation?
  14. How do I receive court date information?
  15. What is done with lost or found property?
  16. How can I claim property seized as evidence?
  17. Will you vacation check my residence?
  18. How do I access accident reports?
  19. How do i obtain a background check?
  20. How can I view crime date or call history of an address or neighborhood?
  21. How do I apply for employment with the Burlington Police Department?
  22. How do I obtain an application for the Burlington Police Department to sponsor me in Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)?
  23. How do I obtain assistance with an undisciplined or delinquent juvenile?
  24. How do I get finger prints for an employment application?
  25. How do I apply for a handgun permit?
  26. How do I apply for a concealed carry permit?
  27. How do I apply for a solicitation permit? (Door to Door)
  28. How can I get more information on the District Attorney's Worthless Check Program?
  29. How do I report a problem or issue?
  30. How do I report junk or abandoned cars?
  31. Where can I report issues in my neighborhood?
  32. How can I report drug activity?
  33. Where can I report graffiti?
  34. What are you doing for Police Reform?

Contact Us:




(336) 229-3500


(336) 229-7100

Information Specialist:

(336) 229-3503

Warrant/ Subpoena Service:  

(336) 229-3520 or (336) 229-3503

Detectives (CID):

(336) 229-3530

Other agencies:

Alamance Sheriff:

(336) 570-6311

County Jail:

(336) 570-6317

Firearm Permit(s):

(336) 570-6388

NC Highway Patrol Dispatch:

1 (800) 445-6809

Alamance County Office:

(336) 570-6809


(336) 570-5200

Alamance Central Communications:

(336) 570-6777

Probation/ Parole:

(336) 570-6840
or (336) 570-6847

Burlington Magistrate:

(336) 229-3508 (opt. 1)

Graham Magistrate:

(336) 570-5219

District Attorney Office:

(336) 570-5210

Worthless Check Program:

(336) 570-5210

Family Abuse Services:

(336) 226-5982

City of Burlington:

(336) 222-5000


Driver's License:

(336) 570-6811

Vehicle Registration:

(336) 228-7152

Important Addresses:

Burlington Police Department

267 W. Front St
Burlington, NC

Alamance County Criminal Courts Building

212 W. Elm St
Graham, NC

Alamance County Sheriff's Office Jail

109 S. Maple St
Graham, NC

Family Justice Center of Alamance County

1950 Martin St
Burlington, NC

Allied Churches of Alamance County Shelter

206 N. Fisher St
Burlington, NC

Burlington Fire Department

215 S. Church St
Burlington, NC