Fire Extinguisher Program

Fire extinguishers can be vital in preventing a major emergency but there is always a time and place to use an extinguisher. Close your eyes and think about it. You are sitting at your computer and there is a fire. Where is your closest fire extinguisher? Is it buried in a cabinet under the sink? Is it hanging on a bracket with brooms propped up next to it? How do you hold it so it will not go off? How do you make it go off?

All of these are questions you need to know before an emergency whether you have a fire at home or at work. The Burlington Fire Department offers fire extinguisher training to answer these questions. Use the online Public Education Request Form to easily reqest a fire extinguisher class. 

Training classes will last approximately one hour consisting of two segments. The first segment will involve classroom instruction governing types of fires and extinguishers, when to use the extinguisher, and how to use it. The second segment involves an outside, hands-on application with a Propane powered fire extinguisher trainer.

Download information on fire extinguishers here