Street Lights

Street Lights
234 East Summit Avenue, Burlington, NC 27215
P: (336) 222-5079, F: 222-5004,

Email Traffic Signal Division

Street lightsStreet lights are provided as a service to the citizens of Burlington and may be located on city streets or North Carolina Department of Transportation roadways. All of the street lights are maintained by Duke Energy Company. Outages can be reported directly to Duke Energy

The Traffic Signal Division of the Transportation Department should be contacted at 336-222-6656 or by email for all requests involving street lights, regardless of the location. These requests may involve questions about new installations, light outages, or other concerns about street lighting.

Information about outages must be very specific and include exact locations of each outage. Information such as the address of the nearest structure to the pole supporting the light in question is very helpful. If at an intersection, the description of which corner, southeast, southwest, northeast or northwest, that the light is located should be included. In this way, repairs can be made by Duke Energy Company during the daylight hours when no lights are "on".