Commemorative Document Requests

Commemorative Document Request

The Mayor and City Council often receive requests from citizens for City Proclamations, Letters of Congratulations and various other commemorative City documents by which individuals, organizations, or events are recognized. By completing and submitting the City of Burlington Commemorative Document Request Form, city officials can provide these documents for citizens in a more accurate, meaningful, and efficient manner.

Click the link below to access the form and immediately submit via email.
City of Burlington Commemorative Document Request Form

Clink this link below to access the form then submit by mail, scan, or fax.
City of Burlington Commemorative Document Request Form: Print Version

Requests for commemorative documents will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and submission of the request form does not guarantee issuance of the requested document. Commemorative documents issued are not legally binding documents and do not constitute an endorsement of any individual, organization, or event by the City or the Mayor. Special arrangements must be made through the City Clerk (222-5020) to request presentation of the document at a City Council meeting.

You may want to provide suggested text for your requested document. Feel free to examine the format of some of our standard commemorative documents and use them to create a sample document to submit with the request form. 

Examples of Common Commemorative Documents:

If you have additional questions about requesting a commemorative document from the City of Burlington, Please feel free to contact the Public Information Officer at 222-5073 or by email.