Engineering Department

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Engineering Design
Following the collection of field survey information, engineers prepare drawings and specifications to guide the construction of municipal infrastructure by city crews and/or contractors. Typical projects include water or sewer main installations, storm drainage improvements, roadway construction and a variety of other work.

Project Administration
Departmental staff members coordinate all activities associated with the preparation of contract bid documents, the letting of contracts, initiation of work, contractor payment requests and project closeout. Project correspondence, regulatory procedures, and audit documentation are all a part of this administrative process.

Construction Inspection
Qualified inspectors observe construction activities to assure compliance with the scope of project plans and specifications. This inspection work involves the review and testing of materials and workmanship to achieve such compliance with City standards.

Sedimentation Control
As the local enforcement agent for the control of land disturbing activities for the State of North Carolina, the Engineering Department administers the local Sedimentation Control program within the City's jurisdiction. This includes the review and approval of plans for proposed projects, issuance of applicable permits including collection of fees, and inspection of project sites for compliance with the adopted local ordinance.

Plan Review and Approval
Along with other City departments, engineers review and approve plans for the proposed development of property. Examples of land development activities that require such approval are subdivisions, apartment complexes, shopping centers, churches, etc. Proposed plans for infrastructure improvements such as water & sewer information or street improvements are also reviewed by department engineers.

Pavement Management
The asphalt street system that provides the opportunity for the transportation of people and goods in our community requires maintenance. This generally takes the form of resurfacing with an asphalt overlay. Streets are periodically evaluated regarding their structural condition (not necessarily their appearance) and scheduled for resurfacing on the basis of this evaluation. Private contractors are hired to perform this work.

Record Keeping
The various activities of the Engineering Department result in the creation of many drawings, maps and other documents. These records are generally related to the development of land or the provision of municipal services. The staff maintains these records in various formats, many of which are available upon payments of a fee to property owners, developers and other government agencies.