Water and Sewer

image002.jpgProperties that abut existing public water and sewer mains may be connected to the City’s systems according to the City’s policy for tap connections and assessments.

Should it be necessary to extend public water and/or sewer mains to serve property that is proposed for development, the responsible party should meet with the Engineering Department staff to discuss the matter. Generally, the cost of all extensions will be borne by the developer. Provisions can be made to collect fees in lieu of assessments from other owners of properties that are subsequently requesting service via the developer-installed mains; these fees are then returned to the developer to offset some of the water and/or sewer main extension costs.

Properties that are to be served by the City’s water and/or sewer systems must be either located within the Burlington Corporate Limits or the owner(s) must agree to annexation. The City may annex the property immediately or choose to postpone annexation until some future time if it is in the best interest of the City to do so.

All plans for development should be compatible with the City’s Engineering Specifications and Standard Details and should include sufficient information such that the locations, materials, appurtenances, and sizes of all public and private water and sewer lines can be readily determined. These plans should include proposed domestic, fire and lawn sprinkler water lines. Plans should be of sufficient detail that all manholes, clean-outs, vaults, boxes, valves, back-flow prevention devices, meters, etc. can be thoroughly and completely reviewed. In all cases designers and/or developers should investigate all applicable permits and fees for water and sewer services.