Street Construction

image002.jpgCertain land development activities require the construction of public streets. All construction of public streets must meet the requirements, specifications and standards of either the North Carolina Department of Transportation or the City of Burlington. Many streets within the corporate limits of Burlington as well as the majority of streets outside the corporate limits are owned and maintained by the NCDOT.

All questions regarding NCDOT streets should be directed to the District Engineer’s Office in Graham. Questions regarding the construction of public streets that are to be owned and maintained by the City of Burlington should be directed to the Engineering Department.

Generally, public streets in Burlington are constructed with a width of 35 feet (back of curb to back of curb) within a 60 feet wide right-of-way. Curbs and gutters are 30 inches wide. Cul-de-sacs and low volume local streets may be constructed 31 feet wide within a 50 feet wide right-of-way.

As with other City infrastructure, consulting engineers should be hired to prepare plans for public street improvements. The plans are reviewed by City staff and following approval, contractors are hired by the developer to undertake the construction. City inspectors assure compliance with the City’s Engineering Specifications and Standard Details.