Line Extensions


Two options are available to the owners of property within the Burlington corporate limits if they have an interest in water and/or sewer line extensions. A property owner may choose to extend water and/or sewer lines to serve their property by paying for all costs associated with such extensions. These costs would include those for engineering design, permits, easement acquisition and construction. All construction must be in conformance with the City’s Engineering Specifications and Standard Details


A second method of providing for water and/or sewer line extensions on a block to block basis is available through the petition process. Upon request, a petition form may be obtained from the Engineering Department. It generally takes a few days following the initial request for a petition form to be prepared. The petitioner circulates the petition form among the property owners that abut the length of the proposed line(s) in an attempt to secure signatures supporting the project. The petition form outlines the proposed cost to property owners.

If the petition form is returned to the Engineering Department with a sufficient number of signatures, then the City Council will consider authorization of the project at a public hearing. The number of signatures on the petition form is sufficient if it is signed by a majority of the property owners all of whom collectively own a majority of the acreage of the properties abutting the proposed line(s).

Following approval of the proposed project, a contract is let for construction of the water and/or sewer line(s). When the project is completed an assessment roll is confirmed by the City Council and notices for the amounts of their respective assessments are forwarded to each property owner. A lump sum may be paid for the entire assessment or arrangements can be made for five annual installment payments with interest accruing at 8% per annum.