Tap Connections

P: (366) 222-5100

All requests for water and/or sewer service via a direct connection to the City’s water distribution or sewer collection systems should originate at the Office of Customer Services in the Municipal Annex Building , 237 West Maple Avenue, Burlington, North Carolina 27215 (336) 222-5100.

At the time of a service request, City staff will determine if public water and/or sewer service is available at the subject property. If public water and/or sewer lines abut the property for which service is requested, City staff will determine all connection costs. If service is not available, the Engineering Department will investigate and discuss options for line extensions with the applicant.

The cost of connecting to water and/or sewer service is dependent upon several factors. The first of these is the size of the plumbing lines and/or water meters that will serve the property. The second factor is the intended use of the property, i.e. single-family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, etc. Finally, a decision must be made regarding whether City construction crews will make the connections (taps) to the line(s) or whether a private utility contractor (not a plumber) will be hired to make the connections.

Possible fees will include (1) System Development Fees, (2) tap construction fees if City forces are to undertake the actual construction of connections, and (3) meter fees for the actual meter based on the current Fee Schedule adopted by City Council. 

If City forces are requested to make the tap(s), the work will be scheduled for construction by the Water and Sewer Department upon payment of all applicable fees. This work is usually completed within thirty days. If a private utility contractor is hired to make the connection(s), the new connection(s) will not be permitted to be placed into service until all applicable fees are paid to the City.