System Development Fees

The City of Burlington collects a system development fee as a charge or assessment for service imposed with respect to new development to fund water and sanitary sewer costs of capital improvements necessitated by and attributable to such new development, to recoup the costs of existing facilities which serve such new development, or a combination of those costs.

The System Development Fees may by collected for new development which increases the capacity necessary to serve that development including:
a) The subdivision of land. 
b) The construction, reconstruction, redevelopment, conversion, structural alteration, relocation, or enlargement of any structures which increases the number of service units. 
c) Any use or extension of the use of land which increases the number of service units.
d) Any new connections to existing water or sewer lines.

The System Development Fees will be collected either at the time of plat recordation or when water and sewer service for the subdivision or other development is committed by the City of Burlington.  For all other new development the System Development Fees will be collected at the time of application for connection of the individual unit of development to the service or facilities.

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