NCDOT Streets

P: (336) 570-6833

All of the streets with in the Burlington corporate limits are divided into two categories for ownership and maintenance. Many arterial streets including the major highways are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The remaining streets are maintained by the City. Each governmental jurisdiction controls access to their respective streets from abutting properties. All activities such as the installation of utilities (encroachments) within respective rights-of-way are also governed by NCDOT or the City. This is true whether the utility is installed above ground on poles or underground.

It may generally be assumed that permission is required through permits, etc. for all activities that will be conducted within City or NCDOT right-of-way. For City streets, please contact the Engineering Department at 336-222-5050. For NCDOT streets, please contact the District Office in Graham at 336-570-6833.

The following table outlines the current status of NCDOT streets within Burlington’s corporate limits. Because the situation with regard to NCDOT streets change periodically, it is suggested that this information be confirmed with the City or NCDOT.

Click here to view a listing of State Streets within Burlington. 

For additional information about NCDOT streets with Alamance County, contact the District Engineer at (336) 570-6833 NCDOT Graham office.