New Animal Services Center

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The process of renovating and expanding the Burlington Animal Services facility is now underway! 
This project will replace the deteriorating 57 year old intake facility and renovate the existing pet adoption center, bringing intake and adoption functions under one roof. The facility is designed to be flexible in use, increase customer service, and provide adequate housing facilities for the community’s lost or homeless pets.

The new facility is designed with customer service in mind. Materials that mitigate excessive sound and odor and designs that allow for animals to express more normal behaviors are healthier for animals and are proven to increase adoptions.

The new facility has improved medical capacity allowing for more animals to be adopted and moved into their new homes more quickly.

The new animal services center will also have a multi-purpose room and public-access restrooms. These will be available for animal services programming as well as to be used by community groups in search of meeting space. Increased foot traffic and familiarity with the facility are proven to increase adoption rates. The facility has been designed encourage and facilitate participation from the community and volunteers, which is critically important to the success of the Animal Services Department.

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