Body Worn Cameras

Trust Through Transparency

In a continued effort to maintain and develop trust with the community, the Burlington Police Department is equipping all sworn officers with body-worn cameras. After thorough testing of available models, the BPD selected the Panasonic Arbitrator camera. The camera is to be worn on the chest; it is also capable of connecting to a second camera mounted on the collar of the officer's uniform shirt. These cameras continually record footage while officers are on duty.
"The Burlington Police Department strives to ensure honest and trusting relationships with the public. By implementing the use of body-worn camera technology, we are reenforcing our practice of building 'trust through transparency' and simultaneously increasing safety and accountability for all. Body- worn cameras improve officer performance and the conduct of those who are recorded."  - Chief J. Jeffrey Smythe

What does this mean for the public?

Officers use the body-worn cameras in most interactions with the public, such as interviews, arrests, and traffic stops. These cameras promote transparency and legitmacy of police encounters. We use the camers to demonstrate to the community that our officers act in a fair and just manner. Cameras are used as a tool to collect digital evidence to be used in the successful prosecution of cases. They are also used to review complaints filed by citizens against officers. So any interaction a civilian has with an officer may be recorded.

If you have any questions, please contact Kenyon Harris at (336) 513-5423
Times News article on the new cameras:
For the Record: Burlington Officers Begin Using Body Cameras

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