Burlington Greenway and Bikeway

The first phase of the Burlington Greenway & Bikeway was completed in summer of 2020. This stretch runs between downtown Elon and downtown Burlington. 
The Burlington Greenways and Bikeways Plan was completed in September 2017. The purpose of the plan is to create a connected and comprehensive system of greenways and bikeways that enhance the quality of life throughout Burlington.

Greenways and bikeways improve quality of life by providing opportunities for transportation, recreation, public health, economic development, and environmental stewardship. This Plan serves as a clear guideline seizing these opportunities, providing a framework for city staff, elected officials, and local and regional project partners to create a connected network of greenways and bikeways for Burlington.

Read the complete Greenways and Bikeways Plan.

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See the recommended top priority projects from the Greenway & Bikeway Plan:
1) Burlington-Elon Greenway/Bikeway
2) Haw River Greenway
3) Springwood-Davidson Greenway
4) Town & Country Bikeway
Burlington Greenway & Bikeway Plan