Crime Analysis Unit

This unit examines crime data to identify immediate patterns as well as long term-crime trend issue throughout the city which require police response. The unit is staffed by three civilians, a supervisor and two intelligence analysts, who focus their efforts on geographical and intelligence-based forms of analysis to supply the various police divisions with information. They also accept interns, so if you are interested apply here

Crime Snapshot:

In 2017 crime in Burlington began to rise. It was marked with unusually high levels of violent crime, which was mirrored across the country. In response to this increase, the Burlington Police Department implemented an effective, multifaceted strategy for crime reduction at the beginning of October. As a result, we are currently seeing crime levels across our jurisdiction decrease. You can view detailed crime data here. As of 2018, we have seen violent crimes decrease by 19.3% and property crimes are down by 23.5%.