Employee Benefits

There are many great benefits to working for the Burlington Police Department. For a more comprehensive list of benefits, please review our benefits outline here. For a more in depth description of different positions with the department, see our police positions brochure here. Click here for a list of requirements for employment. Listed below are some of the positions we offer and benefits to working for us. Apply here for a position with the department.

Telecommunicator I

Pay Grade 17
Hiring Range: $28,225 - $32,448 per year

police officer

Pay Grade 21
Hiring Range: $35,048.00 - $40,305.20 per year
The following may be considered in determining a start pay above the base salary. These incentives can be worth as much as 5%, not to exceed a total of 15% if you meet more than one category.
  • Basic Law Enforcement Certification (BLET)
  • College degree
  • Military service



Angela Satterfield




 (336) 229-3535


Captain Mark Rascoe




 (336) 229-3544


 (336) 229-3146
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Longevity Pay:

After completing five years of service, all city of Burlington employees become eligible to receive annual longevity payments. These payments are based on a percentage of the employee's annual salary.
  • 1% after five years of service
  • 2% after ten years of service
  • 3% after fifteen years of service
  • 4% after twenty years of service
  • 5% after twenty-five years of service

annual salary supplement for sworn officers:

After completing two years of service, sworn officers become eligible to receive an annual salary supplement, in addition to any merit or cost of living increase or promotion, as follows:
  • 1% of salary after two years of service
  • 1.5% of salary after three years of service
  • 2% of salary after four years of service and each year thereafter

Paid Vacation

Employees earn vacation at the rate of twelve days per year. For employees with ten or more years of continuous service, annual leave accrues at a greater rate.

Paid Holidays:

Ten holidays are recognized annually. These holidays are New Year's Day, Martin Luther King's birthday, Good Friday, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Employees also receive two days for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Paid Sick Leave:

Employees earn twelve days of sick leave per year, which may be accumulated without limit.

Health insurance:

Comprehensive medical hospitalization and life insurance are provided at no cost to the employee. These benefits are available for the employee's dependents at a reduced rate. A co-pay provision is offered for juvenile dependents (children under 16 years of age). Employees and spouses insured under the city of Burlington health plan may utilize the services of the city's Occupational Health Department, including appointments and consultations with the occupational nurse and physician at no cost.


The city provides each employee a life insurance policy equal to one and one-half times (1 1/12%) his/her annual base salary at no cost. Additional insurance coverage for employees and their dependents may be purchased at reasonable rates. Accidental death coverage is included with this policy. The North Carolina Local Government Retirement System will pay the beneficiaries of an active employee who dies a benefit equal to their annual salary but no less than $25,000 or more than $50,000. 

Dental Insurance:

Dental coverage is available at no cost to the employee and is available to dependents at a reduced rate.


Beneflex is a flexible spending plan that allows employees to pay for eligible dependent care and medical with pre-tax dollars.

Medical/ Dental Appointments:

With supervisor approval, employees may take up to two hours during a work day with pay to see a doctor or dentist.

Retirement Benefits:

The retirement system offers a program of security for employees to meet the needs of retirement or disability. Both the employees and the city contribute to this system. If you choose to terminate your employment before qualifying for the retirement benefits, your contributions will be returned to you upon application.


At retirement, upon completion of 30 years of continuous service or at age 55 with 5 years of continuous service, an officer will receive an allowance from the city until age 62. 


A tuition assistance program is available to employees so they can broaden their knowledge while employed. Degree programs are available through local colleges and universities. Full time employees who receive an associate, bachelor, or masters degree will be eligible to receive a two and one-half percent (2 ½%) merit increase upon verification and approval. 

Credit Union:

All employees may join Truliant Federal Credit Union and/or State Employees Credit Union.


The Police Department furnishes officers with uniforms and equipment. 


Officers who reside within a 20 mile radius of the police department may take their assigned police vehicles home.