Youth Solutions

Background of the initiative

Burlington’s City Council took notice during 2016 and 2017 as the city saw a rise in youth-on-youth violence. As a response, the council directed city staff to hold a series of community forums in the winter of 2018, titled Youth Solutions Forums.  Staff then began to develop the plan for a coordinator position based off this feedback from the community. Out of this was born the position of Youth Solutions Coordinator.



2-1-18 Session @ Burlington Assembly of God

Youth Solutions Photo

2-8-18 Session @ Positive Attitude Youth Center


Two community forums were held to discuss solutions for the prevention of youth violence. Community members were trained in Technology of Participation consensus building workshop facilitation. Over 125 community members participated in providing answers to the focus question "What solutions can we provide when working toward reducing youth violence in our community?" through facilitated discussions led by the trained community members. Thank you to everyone who hosted a forum, spread the word about the forums, participated in the forums, or facilitated! 

Assets collected from forums and about forums:

View data captured at the February 2018 Youth Solutions Forums

A video of the City Manager's report to City Council on Youth Solutions next steps and the associated Council conversation during the April 2018 Work Session is available here.

Text of the City Manager's April 2018 Work Session Report is available here.

A video of the report to Council regarding the Youth Solutions Forums of February 2018 is available here.

A video of a report to Council regarding proposals for near-term Youth Solutions initiatives is available here.

 Summer 2018 summer POP-up parties and open gym times