Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission promotes the public’s interest by making recommendations to the City Council regarding various land use items. Their work considers rezoning requests of land within the City and ETJ limits, text amendments to the City’s Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), and other land use related requests as necessary for City Council’s consideration. Meetings take place on the fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Municipal Conference Room (lower basement level) at 425 S. Lexington Ave.

Staff Advisor: Conrad Olmedo, AICP, CZO - Planning Manager

Meetings: 4th Monday, 7:00 PM

Meeting Video Archive: Planning & Zoning Commission Playlist

Code, Special Act, or Resolution Reference: By Ordinance 6/30/72

Reorganized: 11/19/13

Planning and Zoning Commission Members

City Regular Members

ETJ Regular Members

John Black, Chairman
Joan Zec Nelson
James Kirkpatrick, Vice Chairman
Ethan Raynor
Charles Beasley
Richard Parker

Lee Roane

City Alternate Members

ETJ Alternate Members

Patricia Gamble
Hilary Hill
Amber Wright

Meetings begin at 7:00 PM and are held in person at the City Municipal Building in the Municipal Conference Room (lower level) located at 425 S. Lexington Ave. 


Planning and Zoning Commission 2022-23 Calendar

Meeting Month

Meeting Date

Application Submittal Deadline

December 2023December 18, 2023November 27, 2023
JanuaryJanuary 22, 2024December 18, 2023
FebruaryFebruary 26, 2024January 22, 2024
MarchMarch 25, 2024February 26, 2024
AprilApril 22, 2024March 25, 2024
MayMay 20, 2024April 22, 2024
JuneJune 24, 2024May 20, 2024
JulyJuly 22, 2024June 24, 2024
AugustAugust 26, 2024July 22, 2024
SeptemberSeptember, 23, 2024August 26, 2024
OctoberOctober 28, 2024September 23, 2024
NovemberNovember 18, 2024October 28, 2024
DecemberDecember 16, 2024November 18, 2024

  1. Deadlines, meeting times, and dates are subject to change, applications are due on the Submission Date no later than 4:00 PM with payment, and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings begin at 7:00 PM.
  2. Applications to the Planning and Zoning Commission may require a  Pre-Application Conference (PAC) prior to submittal.
  3. Please consult with the Planning Department at 336-222-5110 for any questions.