Pre-Application Conference (PAC)

Per the Unified Development Ordinance, a Pre-Application Conference (PAC) is an established part of the development process.  By attending a PAC, applicants will be able to better gauge the expectations and requirements for a proposed project. In addition, City staff will be able to better evaluate particularities of a project in relation to applicable standards. While comments received during the PAC are informal and non-binding, they will assist in preparing projects for a formal TRC submittal.  These meetings are free of charge.

Requests are received through the City’s BurlingtonSmart portal.  

Click here to create an account if you are new to the system. Once an account is created, select Pre-Application Conference as the permit type. You will be able to upload any sketch drawings or conceptual plans/documents. Staff will coordinate the meeting schedule, once the permit request has been received through BurlingtonSmart.