Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Think you know everything you need to know about your child? Some parents are surprised to learn what all their child has hidden on their cell phones and tablets. In this age of technology, parents need to exercise caution with how freely they allow their children to use their smartphones and the internet. It is a good idea to have a conversation with your child about the potential dangers they might encounter. And with the advent of technology, bullying has shifted to an online platform as well and has seemingly become more heinous. Sometimes changes in your child's behavior can be an indication they are being bullied online, such as turning off the computer or quickly switching screens, not wanting to go to school, statements like saying they have no friends, or they become withdrawn. The apps or sites that children use change often, but we have provided links below to some of the current ones as well as types of apps children might use to hide their online activity. To help your child, have open and honest conversations with them and let them know you are available to listen no matter what they may need to say. If you feel it is necessary for the safety of your child, parental controls can also be set up on their device or through your service provider.