Priority Corridors Grant Program

The Priority Corridors Grant Program is aimed at encouraging and assisting existing businesses and property owners within the Maple Avenue Corridor, Webb Avenue Corridor, and North Church Street Corridor to restore and improve the interior and exterior of their businesses.

The Priority Corridors Grant Program is designed to encouraged private, non-residential investment that enhances the visual aesthetics of the City's Priority Corridors, leading to investment and increased property values. The program further aims to stimulate economic development through financial incentives to existing business owners to ensure business sustainability and to create aesthetically pleasing areas to attract new businesses and consumers.  

The two grants – the Façade Improvement Grant and the Interior Upfit Grant – can be used separately or in combination by businesses and property owners located in the City of Burlington’s Corridor Priority Corridors to offset the cost of improving their properties. 

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Map of Eligible Corridors (pdf version)

Façade Improvement Grants assist business and commercial property owners as they improve a building’s exterior appearance. This program helps with exterior architectural renovations and targeted site improvements. Interior Upfit Improvement Grants reimburse commercial and industrial businesses or property owners for eligible interior renovation costs. 

These programs are structured as a 50-50 matching program up to $30,000, with the amount requested for interior and exterior projects able to be specified accordingly. Projects that require more than $30,000 along the specified Corridors will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Priority Corridor Grants Review Committee.

Please see the Program Guidelines for more information and details about the program.

Examples of eligible exterior improvements:

City staff may work with the applicant to include other elements to achieve a more comprehensive improvement/benefit for the corridor. Please note that improvements must have a life expectancy of a minimum of 5 years. Façade improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Improvements to accommodate change in building use
  • Beautification components, such as murals and public art
  • Repairs, restoration, and/or re-painting of building exteriors
  • Building Signage as per code/overlay requirements
  • Exterior lighting for facades and signage
  • Awning/ canopy installation
  • Restoration of architectural details that highlights the building’s historic nature
  • Front door and impact window replacement
  • Code Violations related to the exterior of the building
  • Demolition of non-conforming signs
  • Landscaping on a case-by-case basis

Examples of eligible interior improvements include, but are not limited to: 

  • Remodeling and upgrading interior mechanical, electrical, and/or plumbing
  • Removal, repair, and/or installation of interior walls
  • HVAC, fire suppression
  • Flooring 
  • Utility upgrades

Please electronically fill out the grant application linked below and send to Peter Bishop via email. If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Peter Bishop at or 336-222-5147 for assistance. 

Grant Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Score Sheet : for informational purposes only, applicant does not need to fill out. 

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