Garbage / Recycling / Yard Waste

Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste are normally collected on the same day of the week. Garbage and Yard Waste are collected Weekly. Recycling is scheduled every other week on a RED WEEK/BLUE WEEK schedule.   

Some Holidays require changes to the City’s regular curbside collection schedule. You can view the Holiday Collection Schedule here.  

Garbage Collection

Garbage is normally collected on the same day of the week. Click here to view a map of our collection schedule. Click here for an interactive map of our collection schedule.

Some holidays require changes to the City's regular curbside collection schedule. Click here to view our Holiday Collection Schedule

The City provides one black, 95-gallon wheeled container. Containers must be placed to at the curb by 7:00am on your collection day. The container must have a clearance of 5 feet on each side and 15 feet above the container to be serviced. You must remove your can from the curb by 7:00pm on your collection day.  

DO NOT PUT THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR TRASH CONTAINER:  Yard waste (brush, grass, leaves etc.), recyclables, liquids, dirt, masonry, rock, metal, wood, building materials, contractors waste, fluorescent light tubes, hazardous waste, batteries, tires and automobile parts

Click here for more information about Garbage Collection. For questions about Garbage Collection, call 336-222-5111.  

Recycling Collection

Recycling is collected every other week on the same day as your Garbage Pick up.  We've divided the City into Red Week Recycling Pickup and Blue Week Recycling Pickup. Click here to view the Red Week/Blue Week Map.  

Click here to view an interactive map of recycling collection schedules

Typical items that are recycled include corrugated cardboard, newspapers, magazines, mixed paper, mail inserts, junk mail, aluminum and steel cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic milk jugs, plastics labeled #1-#7, soda bottles, and water bottles. DO NOT place these items in the black City container or yard waste containers. 

The City contracts with GFL Waste Industries, INC to provide curbside recycling pickup. If you have any questions about Recycling or if you have issues with your Recycling pickup, please call GFL directly at 336-229-0525. Additional recycling information can be found here

Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste can be placed curbside on your regular Garbage Pickup day. Do not put yard waste in your Garbage and Recycling carts as yard waste must be transported to a separate facility under State Law. 

Yard Waste includes grass clippings, shrub clippings, garden debris, sticks, branches, and limbs (6 in diameter and less). Yard waste must be in a container (no more than 32 gallons and 50 lbs) or stacked neatly curbside (NOT in the street or gutter). Glass clippings must be in containers.  

Loose leaves must also be in containers from February through September. From October through January, loose leaves may be placed curbside for pick up by the City's Vacuum Truck. Click here for loose leaf pickup schedule and more information

Click here for more information about Yard Waste Collection.

For questions about Yard Waste Collection, call 336-222-5111.

Bulk Waste Collection

Bulk Waste Collection is for items that can go in the landfill but cannot fit in your garbage cart such as large limbs, appliances, furniture, and mattresses. Acceptable Bulk Waste items are collected weekly free of charge. Some items banned from the landfill will not be picked up and some may be picked up for an additional charge. 

Click here for more information about what will and will not be picked up as Bulk Waste as well as for instructions on how to arrange Bulk Waste curbside.

Bulk Waste must be placed at the curb on your regular Collection Day. City crews will identify locations requiring pick up and your Bulk Waste will be collected within a week. 

For questions about Bulk Waste Collection, call 336-222-5111.  

E-Waste Collection

E-Waste is Electronics Waste such as computers, TVs, and cell phones and must not go in your regular Garbage and Recycling carts. The City holds FREE E-Waste Recycling Days twice a year at the Public Works Department (234 East Summit Ave). Click here for a schedule, other methods of E-Waste disposal, and information on types of E-Waste. 

For questions about E-Waste Collection, call 336-222-5111.