Art Gallery


The beautiful gallery of art displayed in the Paramount Theater lobby is hosted by Alamance Arts. The exhibit may be viewed from 12pm - 3pm, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and prior to all Paramount Theater events.
The gallery artist rotates throughout the year. Please visit  Alamance Arts for more information. 

Current Art Exhibit


"My work starts out with shopping lists, notes and other found graphics that are arranged into small collages.  When I am satisfied with the composition, they are projected onto large canvases and painted with acrylic. I have always been intrigued by the copy machine's ability to "smooth out" pasted up images and I feel  that the final step of my process undoes this process in a way by taking the crisp image of the original composition and recreating it in an imperfect human hand.  One of the goals of my work is to take markings that are intended to be transient and disposable and give them a permanence, and in this way dignify all the markings we make in our daily lives."  -A note from the artist, Timothy Petty