Busines Spotlight #6 - Entrepreneur Spotlight : Ityra Robinson

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February 7, 2022

Making Your Business Official

Cold weather can induce much discomfort for those with joint or muscle inflammation. Massage therapy can improve circulation, which leads to an increase in oxygen and body warmth throughout the body. It is a natural approach to healing your body of aches and pains that dates to 3000 BCE— or earlier. This month’s Entrepreneur Highlight spotlights Ityra Robinson, a seasoned professional masseuse of Ityra’s Body Therapies. 

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Before seeking a license, Ityra, who characterizes herself as “a touchy person”, massaged friends and family in her free time. For a while she worked in the financial industry, but Ityra knew she wanted more fulfillment from her work. When the opportunity presented itself, Ityra acquired her massage therapy license, after longing to pursue her interest in healing through touch. In December 1999, Ityra began her journey down the path of entrepreneurship. 

She started part-time and completed her classes concurrently. Today, she is a full-time massage therapist with an uncommon business model. It is the only mobile massage business in North Carolina with a store front. A typical day for Ityra involves scheduling appointments, assessing patient needs, performing massage therapy, and filling out paperwork. Some days, she gets to work on her rabbit farm, cleaning the pens and feeding the rabbits. 


Ityra has a unique approach to bodywork, which integrates Ashiatsu, Thai, trigger point, connective tissue release, Swedish, and reflexology. Ashiatsu, her primary technique for therapy, is the practice of massaging with feet, instead of hands. It helped her to focus on centering herself to avoid getting physically burned out by exerting force. Ityra learned to pull energy from the universe and not her own body, and this made all the difference in her ability to service about 4-6 clients a day with varying levels of pain.  

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When asked about her mentor, who significantly contributed to Ityra’s success, she uplifts the wisdom imparted by Issiaka Maiggi. Ityra says “Issiaka has pushed me tremendously to always strive for more and do better.” This mantra is reflected in Ityra’s Body Therapies’ mission statement to “provide holistic healing throughout the body, mind and spirit.” Ityra clearly states her primary target market is “anyone experiencing pain”, whether they are old or young.  

She is equipped to aid children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Additionally, her company has a community centered focus, Ityra offers free massages to the homeless and local nursing homes. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, you can donate here.  

Business in Burlington 

To aspiring business owners, Ityra passes on the wisdom to “keep pushing! Whatever it is you think you can do, do it. The law of attraction is real. Don’t care about people judging you, because they will do that regardless.” Moreover, she urges people to measure success by recognizing “when you are happy to get up and go to work.” Regarding doing business in Burlington, Ityra loves doing business in this community because “it is a nice area that has everything. She hasn’t experienced any bad people.”  

As one could imagine, the pandemic was difficult on the massage therapy industry. Ityra was able to keep her establishment through the support of Small Business Association loans, like the microenterprise loan, and Paycheck Protection Program. She also credits her landlord for their grace and flexibility.  

Ityra writes I “love the challenge of working with those who experience chronic pain, specifically in the shoulders and neck, hips, feet, and those who suffer from headaches and sciatica.” As the winter chill continues, be sure to rely on Ityra to address both your physical and energetic issues! 


Chandler Vaughan 

Project Manager, EYOS Fellow


Business Contact 

Ityra Robinson 


111 Trail One, Burlington, NC 27215 

Ityra Robinson Massage Therapist in Burlington, NC (massagebook.com) 


City Contact 

Chandler Vaughan 

425 S. Lexington Ave. 

Burlington, NC27215