Grounds Division

The Grounds Division is unique with a wide range of responsibilities. This division maintains a wide range of city property with varied responsibilities including the following: landscaping (i.e. annual flower beds, tree planting projects) , trimming, mowing, tree work (i.e. removal of hazardous trees on city property) and tree plantings along main streets and intersections throughout the city.

Information on the responsibilities of different areas of the city may be obtained by clicking on the area below.

Traffic Islands

The Grounds Division maintains numerous traffic islands within the City of Burlington in order to provide aesthetically pleasing points of interest which enhance the beauty of our City and promote a sense of pride in our communities. Turf maintenance through seeding, fertilization and aeration enhance the landscape while routine mowing and trimming provide a professional look.

In addition to routine maintenance the Grounds crew also plants a variety of annual beds presenting color through flowers as well as shrubs and trees to provide a pleasing landscape. Traffic islands maintained are as follows:

  • N. Church & McKinney St.
  • Ireland & Fisher
  • Ireland & Gilmer
  • Plaid Mill
  • Bailey Fountain
  • Davis & Broad
  • Bland Boulevard
  • Graham & Market
  • Piedmont Way
  • Hawthorne Lane
  • West Davis
  • East Davis
    (between Tucker & Everett)
  • Apple & Beaumont
  • Phillips & Bellvue
  • Church & Fulton
  • Chapel Hill & O'Neal
  • Fountain Place
  • City Park Flower Bed
    (Church & Main)

Parks and Community Centers

The Grounds crews' main responsibilities within the park system and its community centers is to provide routine maintenance (i.e. mowing, trimming, planting projects (trees through reforestation of the parks) as well as the removal of hazardous or undesirable trees and the routine maintenance of healthy trees.

These responsibilities help to ensure the safety of the citizens and general public which use the parks and its centers for recreational activities as well as provide a well groomed and clean park environment which people may enjoy.

Listed below are the parks and community centers which the grounds crew maintain.


  • City Park
  • Fairchild
  • Petersburg Park
  • Town and Country Nature Park
  • Dothan Park
  • North Park
  • Robinson Park
  • Willowbrook Park
  • Eva Barber Park
  • Northwestern Park
  • Southern Neighborhood Park

Community Centers:

  • Elmira Community Center
  • Fairchild Community Ctr.
  • Forest Hills Community Center
  • Historic Depot
  • Broad Street Center
  • North Park Center

Downtown Business District 
The Grounds division provides routine maintenance of all the municipal parking lots in the business district downtown.

The Depot is maintained routinely through mowing and trimming as well as the planting of annual beds within the Depot amphitheater, providing a pleasant backdrop for scheduled events and recreational activities.

The Municipal Building grounds are maintained routinely through scheduled turf and landscape maintenance.

The Grounds division is also responsible for the removal of snow and ice from all cross walks, municipal sidewalks, municipal parking lots and the Municipal Building lot during inclement weather conditions.

The Grounds division also maintains street trees along several main thoroughfares within the City of Burlington. These trees provide color and beauty to the community and are routinely inspected with the proper work being scheduled - pruning, planting, replanting and spraying. The thoroughfares maintained are as follows:

  • North and South Church Street
  • East and West Davis Street
  • Downtown Business District
  • Huffman Mill Road
  • Fountain Place
  • Webb Avenue (from Church St. to Gilmer)