Recreation & Parks Master Plan

Burlington Recreation & Parks is in the process of updating their Master Plan. The Recreation & Parks Master Plan 2023 will will look at the existing parks, recreational facilities, programs, and services, to determine the current and future level of services for the community based on public input.  The plan will prioritize the needs and desires for upgrading and improving parks, recreational facilities, amenities, programs, and services.

Public Input 

The City of Burlington Recreation and Parks Department is launching an online open-link survey as part of a larger public input effort for the development of a new Master Plan for the department. Capturing a comprehensive sampling of community feedback takes multiple methods. 

In-person sessions have previously been held hosting hundreds residents from  Burlington and surrounding communities. Postcards were mailed to a random sampling of 5,500 households asking for feedback through a survey. An online portal with discussion boards and tools to prioritize interest has been live for months as well. Now the City of Burlington invites ALL residents to provide feedback and input through an open-link survey that will go live on March 21st.

Click here to take the Recreation & Parks Master Plan Survey

The City has hired BerryDunn, a nationally known parks and recreation management consulting firm, to oversee the plan. If you have any questions regarding the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, please contact Recreation and Parks Director, Tony Laws at 336-222-5030.