TRC Submittal for Stormwater Management

General Process Information

The Planning, Preliminary Design, and Technical Review phase is outlined on the Stormwater Flow Chart page 1 of 3 titled "Stormwater Management System Concept Plan Technical Review Committee (TRC) Submittal" (below). At this stage, drawings relating to stormwater facilities will most likely be shown in plan view, but should be of sufficient detail that reviewers may determine with reasonable confidence that the Stormwater Managment System Concept Plan will meet the intent of the Stormwater Ordinance. The Stormwater System Concept Plan shall be submitted to the TRC, and shall be reviewed by TRC based on the schedule published on the Planning Department's website. Applications, application fee information and a TRC submittal and meeting schedule may be found on TRC website.

TRC Submittal Flowchart


Environmental Review Certification