Attend | Participate in a Council Meeting

How to Attend Meetings

City Council Meetings are regularly* held on the first & third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM

City Council Meetings are held the Council Chambers (Suite 202) of the Municipal Building, 425 South Lexington Avenue, Burlington 

City Council Work Sessions are regularly* held on the Monday before the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 PM

City Council Work Sessions are held in the Municipal Conference Room (ground floor) of the Municipal Building, 425 South Lexington Ave, Burlington 

All attendees of City Council meetings  must past through security screenings before entering the Council Chambers. Please view the list of items prohibited at Council meetings.

The City will make all reasonable modifications to policies and procedures to ensure that person with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy all City programs, services, and activities.  Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication, or a modification of policies and procedures to participate in a city program, service, public meeting, or activity, should contact the office of the ADA Coordinator as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours before the scheduled event or meeting.  

Contact: Thomas Simmons, City of Burlington, Safety Director, ADA Coordinator       (336) 513-5463

Watch Live or Recorded Meetings

YouTube Channel

Watch meetings on the City of Burlington YouTube Channel previously recorded or live.

Spectrum Channel 5

City Council meetings air at 7:00pm Thursdays, 3:30pm on Saturdays and 2:00pm on Mondays in addition to various other times on Local Gov TV (Spectrum Channel 5). Find a program listing at  

Participate in a Meeting through Public Comments and Public Hearings

There are two  separate opportunities to speak at City Council meetings - Public Hearings and Public Comments.  A Public Hearing is an opportunity to speak about a particular issue on that specific meeting's agenda such as a zoning change or the adoption of a budget. During a public hearings, speakers may only speak about the issue at hand. 

The Public Comment period at the end of the meeting is an opportunity to speak about any issue or concern a resident may have as long as it does not relate to something on the agenda for that particular meeting. Any person wishing to speak during the Public Comments period must sign up to do so prior to the beginning of the meeting at a designated area on a form that will include your name, address and topic of comment.  

The public comment period is limited to 30 minutes unless City Council by majority votes to extend this period.  Each individual signed up will be allowed 5 minutes to comment.  Multiple speakers wanting to speak on the same subject matter, with the same position, are encouraged to have a single person speak for all.

The sign up sheet will be provided to the the Mayor prior to the Call to Order of the meeting.  The Mayor will announce the public comment period and will call on those signed up in the order received to approach the designated podium/microphone to speak at which time they will state their name and address. Speakers with documents/handouts should provide copies ahead of the comment period to the City Clerk or Deputy City Clerk to distribute.