Traffic Section

The Traffic Enforcement Safety Team serves as the agency's lead component for traffic safety and enforcement. This includes traffic safety efforts, education, and enforcement. The traffic team focuses on city-wide traffic enforcement via speed measurement instruments, paying particular attention to accident-causing violations and other traffic conditions that tend to decrease public confidence in the ability to travel safely in Burlington. Enforcement activities focus on high accident areas, citizen complaints, motorist assistance, funeral escorts, parades, and any other condition that affects traffic safety. The Traffic Safety Team is the lead unit for participation in special traffic operations such as Click It or Ticket and other NC Governor's Highway Safety Programs. 

The Traffic Safety Team is responsible for follow-up investigations of hit and run crashes and reported school bus stop arm violations as well as other reported traffic complaints. They also assist with crash reconstructions and investigations into any serious injury or fatality crashes. It is the lead group for liaison with other agencies concerning traffic enforcement, education, engineering activities, and with community groups, such as M.A.D.D. and S.A.D.D.

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The city of Burlington Municipal Code, Section 35, allows for the operation of taxicabs or vehicles for hire within the city limits, provided that such services meet statutory and ordinance requirements. The department's traffic unit supervisor is responsible for the oversight of the taxi permit process, inspection of taxi vehicles and ordinance compliance. 

Parade Permits:

Parade permits are processed through the Police Department Parade Permit Application. Call (336) 222-5038 with any questions regarding the application.

Parking Enforcement:

The central business district (downtown) is patrolled Monday-Friday by civilian parking enforcement officers to ensure fair and equitable parking opportunities for downtown patrons, employees, and visitors. The parking office can be reached at (336) 229-3153 or visit downtown parking rules and regulations or view the city traffic ordinances.

parking monitor vehicleROTATION WRECKER SERVICES

Each of the wrecker services utilized by the department is under contract with the City of Burlington Purchasing Department. The Traffic Unit staff sergeant is responsible for overseeing the rotation wrecker service, which includes inspection of the individual wrecker services and investigation of the citizen complaints against the individual wrecker services. 


The department employs part-time individuals to staff our school crossing guard program. the program currently has 20 crossings at five elementary schools, two middle schools, and one private school. There are two crossing guards posted to most schools. At larger intersections and higher traffic locations such as Turrentine Middle School, there are three guards. Broadview Middle and Blessed Sacrament Catholic School have only one guard each.