Fire Alarm Policy

Fire Alarm Ordinance

The City of Burlington revised its fire alarm ordinance in an effort to make fire alarms more effective. An excessive number of false alarms lead to increased operating expenses since fire trucks must respond every time an alarm is received. Typically, these alarms are due to a lack of maintenance despite fire code requirements calling for annual maintenance. The policy is intended to encourage maintenance on a more frequent basis (if needed) and to prevent accidental activation. Some of the highlights of the policy are listed below.

To update fire alarm registration or to register a new alarm system, complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.

NOTE:  Only required if you live within the City limits

Effective October 1, 2018

Failure to Obtain Alarm Permit

– All alarm systems shall be registered with the City of Burlington. Any person or firm that fails to register an alarm system with the City of Burlington Alarm System Coordinator within 10 days shall be subject to a civil penalty of one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Excessive False Alarms

– Five or more false alarms in a 12-month rolling period. 

Civil Penalties

– Excessive false alarms for any alarm system within a 12-month rolling period shall subject the alarm user to a civil penalty according to the following schedule.

Failure to respond

– If a keyholder does not respond within thirty (30) minutes of the alarm or refuses to respond, it will be counted as a false alarm. Failure to provide up-to-date contact information can also result in a "Failure to Respond" situation of a false alarm.

Number of False AlarmsFire Civil Penalty
Five and more - and each subsequent alarm following the 5th$350.00 each