Special Use Permitting Process and Application

A SPECIAL  ANNOUNCEMENT of the BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT of the City of Burlington, North Carolina, will have their regularly scheduled February hearing moved from February 8, 2022 to February 22, 2022, at the Municipal Conference Room (Lower Level), address of 425 S. Lexington Ave, Burlington, NC 27215. This action was voted and approved on January 11, 2022 by the Board of Adjustment.

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Are you considering a first use or change of use for your property in the City of Burlington or its extraterritorial jurisdiction? If so, be sure to consult the City Zoning Ordinance to find out if your proposed use is a "use by right" (permitted use) or a "special use". Following, is a list of steps that may help guide you through the special use permit process.

  1. If you do not know the zoning district for your property, contact the City Zoning Administrator for this piece of information.
  2. Consult Sections 32.9 and 32.13 of the City Zoning Ordinance to determine if your proposed use is a permitted use or can be approved as a special use within your zoning district.
  3. Obtain a copy of the appropriate application form from the City Zoning Enforcement Officer or by downloading and printing a copy.
           Special Use Application
  4. As you are filling out the application, consult with the City Zoning Enforcement Officer to determine the number and types of exhibits that will required of you. Note: Tax map information for your property may be obtained from the City Engineering Department.
  5. Submit your application and all required exhibits to the City Zoning Enforcement Officer, accompanied by the required filing fee of $200.00.

All Special Use Permit applications are referred to the Board of Adjustment at a public hearing for approval or denial. It should also be noted that approval of an application may have conditions attached to it by the governing agency which the applicant must abide by. Finally, a special use permit must be issued prior to the application for a building permit, request for a Certificate of Occupancy or commencement of the proposed use.