Water Exercise Classes

Water exercise is great for all fitness levels and age groups. It can help you get in shape, burn calories, strengthen core muscles and have fun along the way! Bring a swimsuit, towel and water bottle, and come on out to the pool. Water shoes are recommended.  Participants may enter the facility/pool 10 minutes prior to class time.

aquasports-1024x602Shallow Water Classes:
 - Monday & Wednesday, 9:10-10:00 am
- Tuesday & Thursday, 10:10-11:00 am NEW!
 - Tuesday & Thursday, 6:10-7:00 pm
- Tuesday & Thursday, 7:10-8:00 pm NEW!

Deep Water Exercise Classes:
 - Tuesday & Thursday, 9:10-10:00 am
- Monday & Wednesday, 9:10-10:00 am NEW!
- Saturday, 9:10-10:00 am

Location: Maynard Aquatic Center, located at 1402 Overbrook Road, Burlington, NC 27215. Directions

Reservations are required!  Reserve nowMix or match days and times at your convenience by choosing the reservation times that work best for you! There is no charge to reserve - payment is made upon entry. For details on how to use our reservation system, please refer to Maynard Aquatic Center. If you need assistance, please call (336) 222-5043.

Your first class is FREE!  Reservations required for all classes. Reserve now.

Class Fees and  Passes13-15 yrs18-54 yrs55+ yrs
Class Fee (per visit)$5.00$7.00$5.00
 Class Pass Options*

     10 visits
     25 visits

     *unused visits expire 1 yr from purchase date

10 Reasons to Try Water Exercise

  1. Joint Protection. Thanks to the buoyant properties of the water, body "weight" can be reduced as much as 75-90%, cushioning joints and protecting them from the shock of impact.
  2. Resistance. Water provides more resistance than air, burning more fat than on land and helping muscles become balanced and toned. 
  3. Calorie Burn. Water aerobics can burn anywhere from 400-600 calories an hour. 
  4. Cooling Effect. Water cools the body to help prevent over-heating. 
  5. Health. It can strengthen the heart and lungs, improve endurance, reduce blood pressure and help balance blood sugar. 
  6. Joint Pain. It can help relieve the pain of joint issues, increase flexibility and keep you mobile. 
  7. Relaxation. It can help relieve stress and anxiety. 
  8. Feel self-conscious or uncoordinated when exercising? No one can really see what you are doing underwater! 
  9. When you're having a bad hair day, we won't even notice! 
  10. You get a free warm shower! (Not to mention a discount if you purchase a 10 or 25 Visit Pass!)
  11.  Bonus: It's fun and a great way to make new friends! Hope to see you soon!