National Register Program


The National Register of Historic Places is maintained by the National Park Service, and is a listing of landmarks and districts that are significant to the history of the United States. Every item on the list must meet evaluative criteria established in the National Preservation Act of 1966. 



Listing in the National Register brings honor and prestige to an individual property or collection of properties. It also allows the owners of an income-producing listed property or a contributing income-producing building in a listed district to be eligible for a 20% federal tax credit and 20% North Carolina state tax credit claimed against costs of an approved rehabilitation of the building. For owners of equivalent residential properties, the State of North Carolina offers a 30% state tax credit. Eligibility for these tax credits is based on compliance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation. Otherwise, National Register listing places no obligations or restrictions on a private property owner, so long as the property owner only uses private funds and resources for the upkeep and alterations to the property.


With all of the historical resources around the country, the National Park Service relies on others to identify and nominate potential districts and landmarks to the National Register. Typically, individuals or local historic commissions will identify potential resources and then work with their state's Historic Preservation Office (HPO) to nominate that resource. In North Carolina, staff of the HPO sponsor historic studies and use a Study List Application for resources not covered by a sponsored study. The HPO then meets quarterly to discuss nominations and forwards those that are eligible to the National Park Service. It should be noted that despite such careful scrutiny at the State level, all final decisions concerning listing in the National Register are made by the National Park Service.

National Register Districts in Burlington:

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