First Christian Church

First Christian ChurchFirst Christian Church
"The First Christian Church of Burlington is one of the city’s two outstanding examples of Neoclassical Revival style church architecture. It was completed in 1920 for one of the first congregations to develop from the Union Church, one of the community’s first buildings for worship and education. The distinctive brick building stands at the northwest edge of the Central Business District as a reminder of Burlington’s early twentieth century prosperity that yielded a spate of buildings in the fashionable period revival styles.

The plasticity of the design featuring ancient Roman motifs is an example of the unusual Akron church type, of which the hallmarks are a domed sanctuary in a centralized plan and two main facades, here consisting of monumental temple fronts."

"Its large size, salient features of two main temple facades and a dome, and contrasting materials lend the blocky form a monumental grandeur. The dominant presence of the structure is further enhanced by the absence of any tall, obscuring foliage against the building and by the small scale and minimal height of the nondescript buildings at the other corners of the intersection."

Excerpts taken from the First Christian Church of Burlington National Register Application, 1983.