Stormwater Drainage Maintenance 

Stormwater staff responds to drainage system concerns reported within the City. Residents, businesses, and property owners can report drainage concerns using the City's Fix It, Burlington! tool. City staff will respond to each concern as quickly as possible to provide technical advice and/or to guide you to the appropriate resource to address the concern. 

Drainage systems (stormwater pipes, inlet devices, culverts, ditches, streams) are categorized into two main categories: public drainage and private drainage.
  • Public drainage systems include infrastructure and drainage ways that are located on City property or City operated right-of-way (e.g. roads, parks, etc.), even if it includes connections from private drainage systems.
  • Private drainage systems include infrastructure and drainage ways that are located on private property (e.g. private parking lot, building), or any catchment that is not publicly owned or operated. 

City staff and contractors maintain only public drainage systems. Stormwater staff can offer advice and / or technical support to find solutions to your drainage problem as appropriate. 

The City may participate with residential property owners in the installation of storm drainage improvements crossing private residential property in other than new subdivisions within the City's corporate limits according to. Residents may apply to the City's Stormwater Improvement Cost-share Program share the cost (80% City/20% property owner) of the qualifying improvement on private property. Contact the Stormwater Division for more information and/or application to determine project qualification.

Common solutions to private drainage issues:
  • Landscaping
  • Redirect gutters
  • Install underground drainage system

Storm drainage systems in any new development or subdivision shall be the entire and sole responsibility of the developer. All new subdivisions shall have drainage systems installed by the developer in accordance with requirements and regulations of the City of Burlington. Pipe sizes shall be as determined by the engineer for the developer and approved by the City Engineering Department.