Evidence Control Unit

csi vanThe ECU is staffed by civilian employees. Evidence personnel are responsible for all evidence collected by the officers. They maintain the evidence in a secure area until it is needed for court. When the evidence is no longer needed, a court order is obtained, then they dispose of the evidence. They will, also, assist with special assignments, such as highway interdiction and drug roundups. For more information, contact Mark McMullan.

Crime Scene Investigations:

We have two crime scene investigators. These individuals have been specially trained to analyze and investigate crime scenes for evidence. They can be called to a crime scene to take photos, collect evidence, and process the scene for possible DNA. 

Reclaiming Property:

For the return/ release of any property, an appointment must be scheduled with Evidence Control Personnel. If an item was seized pursuant to an investigation, the officer assigned to the case must authorize the item(s) to be released or a court order must be obtained authorizing the release of the item(s). Evidence personnel can be reached by calling (336) 229-3524 for more information or to set up an appointment.