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Thataways Youth Center

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  1. Arcade Games
  2. Foosball Table
  3. Pool Table
About the Center

Thataways Youth Center is located at 1331 Overbrook Road and is part of the Burlington City Park.  This unique facility was built for the needs of middle and high school students.  Although elementary school groups occasionally use it in addition to the older students, this facility has something to offer every age.  The facility is also the home of the Burlington Youth Council and the Teen To Teen Theatre.

Thataways has exceeded all expectations of what it takes to have a youth center. Through recent renovations, they have added a concession stand called City Perk. In this area, we can serve cappuccino, slushies, soft drinks, hot dogs, pizza, nachos, and weekly specials like chicken wings and mozzarella sticks. 

To make this place able to meet the needs of all young people, we added four televisions that are hooked up to Time Warner Cable. Now we can show all the popular games or shows at any time!  Another great aspect that makes this place so unique is the state of the art DJ facility with over 1100 CDs and playlists that are updated weekly with the latest music.

They can add music to any occasion or event. To go along with all of these great additions, they have three pool tables, foosball tables, and arcade games to keep you occupied.

Rentals are commonly attracted to Thataways. It serves as a great place for family reunions, wedding receptions, birthdays, or any event that you can think of.